Dark Ages 1

Margot Inzetta celebrated her birthday in late November at the Double Windsor in Windsor Terrace. Friends arrived from even farther away than Greenpoint to witness the aging of the once young woman. "You invited more people to this than I've ever met in my entire life." remarked Casey O'Brien of Philadelphia. While Ms. O'Brien was almost certainly exaggerating (she has 279 Facebook friends), her comment did reflect the breadth and depth of Ms. Inzetta's friendships, i.e. broad and deep broads.

Notable among her work friends were Audri Nakamura, outfitted in a leather jacket, and Nicole Hering, whose name was fishily misspelled in Spectacle's mention of her last year. Several of Ms. Inzetta's football teammates were there, including Oliver Xerxes, whose birthday was also around then. Ms. Inzetta gave him a mug and a hug--he drank from the former and didn't shirk the latter.

Several of the guests are friends with Ms. Inzetta for no reason at all, save pure affection. Those included magazine publisher Mike Cherepko, who gave Ms. Inzetta two bottles of nail polish under the theory that nail polish is like cheap sunglasses: you can never have too many options. April Cejrowski was seen leaving the Double Windsor as Mr. Cherepko arrived, but she returned later and snapped many pictures. Soon, Kristy King, Ravi Varma, Sarah Guido, and Jimmy Laakso ambled by. The previous five people filled the bar with more Greenpointers than in Poland! Former Greenpointer Lisa Filipek rounded out the list.

The G train stopped running at 11:30, leaving everyone from the north stranded. Mr. Cherepko walked home. Five miles. It was a nice night for a nice walk.

The Seen

Casey O'Brien and Jimmy Laakso, bespectacled.

Ms. O'Brien with the life of the party

Ravi Varma and Kristy King

Sarah Guido, Ms. Inzetta, and Ms. O'Brien.

Mike Cherepko with Ms. Inzetta

Lisa Filipek in a borrowed jacket.

Ms. O'Brien in borrowed spectacles.

Mr. Cherepko in an ill-fitting shirt.

A dress that fits just right

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