Thanksgivings Around Brooklyn

A costumed pair.

All across Brooklyn, families (or even better! friends) gathered to give thanks for something or other–mostly for Obama's reelection. Running in second was the widespread sentiment of having such wonderful friendships close to home that staying in Brooklyn is a special occasion, not bad luck that befalls someone who can't travel.

The longest running Thanksgiving dinner is held at the home of Krys Nicholls and Quentin Little, where they invite over as many friends as they can squeeze around their table (and sometimes a few more when they're afraid someone might be lonely on the holiday). This year saw the regulars doing regular things. Lisa Filipek wore a pilgrim hat. Eric Schmalenberger made a hot drink, and he and Mike Cherepko wore the matching shirts they bought together while doorbusting after last year's feast. Laura Podolnick buttoned them together. Katja Andreiev fell asleep. Mr. Little's cousin, Alex Purifoy, had more energy than everyone else combined. And Hubert Vigilla wore a hat. After dinner, the group went for a stroll, but declined to see a movie in the theater in favor of watching the Dark Crystal on Netflix. The night ended with some low key door busting on the Fulton Mall, where Mr. Little joined Messrs. Schmalenberger and Cherepko in buying a matching buffalo plaid shirt at Macy's.

Elsewhere in Brooklyn, Roxanna Rector hosted a small gathering that was notable for its costumes. Rachel Baksa and Laura Texter dressed as Indians. Alex Dymek was a turkey monster. Former Pittsburgh residents Ryan Dye and Derric Capteina must have been the pilgrims. Such a fashionable crowd would have nothing less.

At a third Thanksgiving dinner, Andrew Warman, with the help of his girlfriend Amy O'Leary, fed a crowd that included David Kalka. This was Mr. Warman's first time preparing Thanksgiving and he was pleasantly surprised by how easy the meal is for someone who regularly hosts dinners. On top of that, he's more than adept around the kitchen–a fact for which his companions were surely thankful.

The Seen

Lisa Filpek

Alex Purifoy

Hubert Vigilla

Eric Schmalenberger

Mike Cherepko

Krys Nicholls

Quentin Little

Much of the food

Mr. Little's palace guards

Happy people

Ms. Nicholls sets the table before her dinner.

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