New Year's Eve

It's said that New Yorkers take Halloween much more seriously than the rest of the country, but celebrate New Year's Eve in a more subdued way than anyone else. This surprises people from other places, who think that Times Square is indicative of the New York way. In reality, many people don't have New Year's Eve plans until the night before and the plan is most likely to attend a small gathering with a few close friends.

Society doyenne Joy Wang did just that, with her little party at her grand Clinton Hill apartment. She and Sarah Cohen provided a spread of nibbles, a moonshine punch, and sufficient 2013 spectacles and let some good people join them. Sarika Dani brought the disco ball app for her phone, most likely Pocket Disco. Other guests included Mike Cherepko, Lisa Filipek, and Paco Secada, formerly known as Mr. Bubs. Mr. Bubs shocked Mr. Cherepko with his presence. He didn't expect to ever see him again. The two used to be Livejournal friends, but are not even Facebook friends, so long lapsed is their friendship.

After the party, Mr. Cherepko did not speak for two and a half days.

The Seen

Festive spectacles.

Lisa Filipek and Joy Wang

Mike Cherepko takes the passage of time poorly

Sarika Dani is from the future.

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