The Christmas Party

Society's preeminent Christmas party was once again at the Lost City of Atlantic, hosted by Lisa Filipek and Julia Metro. The hours of preparation they put into cooking, baking, and decorating was evident as soon as guests entered the apartment. And a good many guests did enter the party–the room was packed wall to wall with festive folks.

Among the most highly decorated guests were early-arrivers Roxanna Rector, Eric Schmalenberger, and Mike Cherepko, all of whom sported oversized Christmas decorations that Ms. Rector purchased earlier that day. Erstwhile wallflower Dylan Spies did not have any decorations, so he had to ask Ms. Filipek to borrow her reindeer antler hat.

Margot Inzetta didn't wear sequins. Though she promised sequins, she didn't wear sequins. She did arrive with Casey O'Brien, who wasn't even bothered by the dearth of sparkle. In fact, other people who were unbothered included the naturalist Kristy King and amateur botanist Lewis Rawlings, who arrived together by accident, and Skyler Blanding. Mr. Blanding specializes in cakes, and really ought to have been more upset with Ms. Inzetta's lack of decoration. Hubert Vigilla wore a red and green luchador mask. Quentin Little wore a shirt with a Santa beard printed on it. Many guests wore red lip stick, because Ms. Filipek asked them to kiss a piece of paper she would give to Mr. Cherepko later for his birthday.

Ms. Rector invited Mr. Rawlings and Mr. Cherepko to share her car home with her, which they did.

The Seen

Lisa Filipek and Mike Cherepko

Colleen Spilka and Dylan Spies share a hometown.

Mr. Spies found the antlers.

The other side of the room was dour.

Skyler Blanding enjoyed himself.

A totem pole of good cheer.

Ms. Filipek holds her banana bunker

Back to the mean side of the room with Jake Brown.

Here are the happy people

More cheer

The hosts

Hubert Vigilla, the Christmas luchador

A gang of kissers for Ms. Filipek's art

Close-up of some kissers

This side of the room really was not pleasant

Though Lewis Rawlings found something to enjoy

Mr. Blanding and Roxanna Rector share a laugh.

Mr. Cherepko is less amusing.

The food got devoured

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