Letter from the Editor

Welcome back, loyal readers

Looks like our strategy to lower expectations worked, because we can tell you're excited to read this, even though it's the worst issue ever. Yes, we cry wolf over the "worst issue" business, but this is truly terrible. Not only is it 25 days since the most recent event, but it's boring.

In even more somber news, it's really cold. Society is at its best when its members are able to wait at bus stops or ride bikes to visit each other. It is at its worst when we shiver, but are too far to embrace or share our hot water bottles.

The highpoint of this issue is our proclamation for what year 2013 is. Previous years included the Year of the Tranny and the Year of Decadence, so you can be assured we're spot on. You might also enjoy following our editor around for the day on Christmas Eve, or a profile of Margot Inzetta. And if nothing else, the winter season is the absolute high point for parties, and we've covered the very best of them.

With concern yet relief,



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