Marshall at rest.

Among the great parties thrown this winter were holiday parties by Amy O'Leary in Bushwick, Nathaniel Robinson in Williamsburg, and Dan Blank in Chinatown.

Roxanna Rector bought a juicer and had a small get-together. Everyone went bananas.

Ridgely Dodge started to dip his toe back into society's waters.

Countless people traveled. Only Sumit Agarwal and Julie and Nick Weissman have never come back.

Amanda Ferri moved into Grand Ureter.

Andrew Warman got a Boston terrier puppy. His name is Marshall.

Lisa Filipek and Laura Podolnick take kickboxing classes and are dangerous. Watch out!

After making shrimp tacos and having a lot of leftover raw shrimp, Mike Cherepko, in his infinite laziness, discovered that you can eat the shells.


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