A scant two weeks after moving into new Greenpoint digs, Kristy King and Ravi Varma welcomed friends with a Houseburning Party. Squeezing a party into an already packed December social calendar later in the month seems almost as difficult as pulling the apartment together so quickly.

The first-floor space boasts a view of the Empire State Building from the kitchen–who ever heard of that?–and a backyard fit for grilling or storage of Mr. Varma's new scooter. Mr. Varma also made some of the pieces of furniture himself, including a coffee table from reclaimed New York water tower wood.

Notable guests included tree-thinker Sarah Tobing, pro-tv-watcher Margot Inzetta, cookie jerk Dylan Spies, the ur-jerk Mike Cherepko, the gadfly Eric Schmalenberger, the other gadfly Lewis Rawlings, the social justice advocate Jaspreet Singh, art-enabler Julia Metro, the socialite Sumit Agarwal, and the statuesque Ansley Whipple.

Conspicuous in its absence was Heinz ketchup for the pigs in a blanket, but otherwise the apartment was magnificent.

The Seen

Margot Inzetta and Kristy King in matching hues.

Ms. King with a plate of food.

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