Agog for Nog

Bill Luken and Teresa Lopes threw a boldly-timed holiday party in honor of their 9 feet tall Christmas tree. They invited 150 guests to their Williamsburg Heights loft on a Wednesday night! With eggnog and mulled wine, they entertained more than a few of them. (But probably not half--not everyone RSVPs or comes.)

Among the notable guests were Gideon Solomon, who would go on to tickle the ivories for some Christmas carols as the night wore on, and Mike Cherepko, who wore a bow tie and drank too much. The latter affected his ability to sing the Christmas carols, but Mr. Solomon didn't really know them because he didn't grow up with them. He did an exceptional job. Kristy King did a better job warbling along to the merry tunes. She was there with her beau, Ravi Varma, who turned a certain age that day. He does not sing, but he was caught by Ms. King 'neath the mistletoe!

Margot Inzetta and Lewis Rawlings both made entrances–Ms. Inzetta's partially owing to inadvertently matching her costume to Mr. Cherepko's.Sumit Agarwal arrived with a tall woman on each arm. One of them was from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The other, like almost everyone, was not. Jimmy Laakso arrived with only one tall beauty on his arm--the estimable Sarah Guido. Joe Chacon was also at the party and knew an astonishing number of people. Unfortunately, he misplaced his cell phone toward the end of the night and when he finally retrieved it, he found that Ms. Lopes had hacked him by sending some mistle-texts. 'Tis the season.

The Seen

Mr. Laakso in his First Family shirt

Mike Cherepko and Margot Inzetta

Bill Luken chats with guests Ravi Varma and Kristy King

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