Dark Ages 2

In all the merriment in celebrating the main December birth, one can sometimes forget about a much darker tale. Whereas Jesus' birthday is a cause of jubilation, Mike Cherepko's is a source of consternation. The wizened magazine editor unsuccessfully avoided the ticking clock this year, though he somewhat successfully had a surprise party for himself.

To throw a surprise party for yourself, you sit somewhere, tell people where that will be, and forbid them from telling you if they are going to come sit near you.

On this particular instance, Katie Hawthorne and Chad Griffith came over. But they didn't know it was Mr. Cherepko's birthday. Mr. Cherepko's roommate, Andrew Warman, threw a football watching party at the same time. But Eric Schmalenberger and Dylan Spies did come to see Mr. Cherepko. They made him drunk.

Transportation planner and sometime magazine editor Laura Podolnick delivered a stack of issues of The Tood Times, which featured a poem about Mr. Cherepko. Reading The Tood Times is better than reading this article. Gideon Solomon gave Mr. Cherepko a ham. Reading the ham is better than reading this article.

Other guests, all of whom shocked Mr. Cherepko with their presences, included Joy Wang, Lisa Filipek, Quentin Little, Krys Nicholls, Sarah Guido, Jimmy Laakso, Ravi Varma, and Kristy King. The main activity, other than sitting around the table drinking, was watching water bead up on Mr. Cherepko's new table cloth.

Being 31 is terrible.

The Seen

Krys Nicholls looks at Joy Wang and Quentin Little.

Mike Cherepko loves his new knife.

Really loves it.

Eric Schmalenberger points.

Gideon Solomon garbed in brown.

Mr. Cherepko also loved his ham.

Mitt Romney became a hunk.

The august Tood Times

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