In Focus: Mike Cherepko

Name: Mike Cherepko

Neighborhood: East Williamsburg

Where can we find you on a weekend night? Who are you with?
My kitchen table. On Fridays sometimes I read magazines quietly with Dylan Spies or Roxanna Rector. Sometimes if I cook food, people will eat it, and I always like that.

Where can we find you on a weeknight? Who are you with?
I recently saw Eric Schmalenberger about 10 days in a row. That was mostly at my kitchen table. I spend other nights like I spend my days: in bed.

What are your favorite bars? Your least favorite? And what's your drink?
I like my kitchen table. I like the Pit Stop. Second Chance Saloon is OK. I'd suggest going to Ontario over most other bars in the neighborhood. Matchless is good. If I leave Brooklyn, I guess I would go to Botanica. I don't like bars not in my neighborhood, but I don't like bars that are too close to my house because I'd rather just drink in bed. I don't like Sweet Ups. I don't really care for Redd's. I dislike The Drink. Mullanes sucks. I absolutely despise Full Circle Bar and all that it stands for.

What are your favorite restaurants? Your least favorite?
I like my kitchen table. Grand Morelos is also good. I bought 5 Big Macs and 5 large fries from McDonalds today, but that is a prepaid expense, not a current cost. I only go to the McDonalds across the street once a year during Lent for my Filets-o-Fish.

Where do you go to get away from Brooklyn?
I don't. In the summer I went to the beach. In a few weeks I am going to suburban Pittsburgh. In general, I leave Brooklyn as infrequently as possible.

Tell us about the best party you've been to recently.
This really puts me on the spot! Gravy is the point around which my world revolves, so Midnight Thanksgiving (held at my kitchen table) and regular Thanksgiving at Krys and Quentin's were very good in that respect.

What party are you most looking forward to?
Blunderland. Agnes's Christmas party. Ravi's birthday party. I kinda dread my own birthday party, but it would be nice if some of the readers of this magazine would come visit me as I get old.

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